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Planning a healthy pregnancy?

Planning a healthy pregnancy?

Female health tracking made easy.

Take control, improve well-being and understand what is happening in your body

Your cycle is unique and can be unpredictable. Ayda provides highly accurate insights into your fertility that let you take control. Our wearable can help you see if and when you ovulate each cycle, taking the guess work out of pregnancy planning.

Discreet, beautiful wearable

Track effortlessly

Beautifully designed with unparalleled attention to detail and consideration for you. The Ayda wearable adheres smoothly to your underarm to accurately gather data from your body while you sleep. Simply remove at your leisure when you wake to sync your data with the Ayda app. Tracking your fertility has never been this easy.

Understand your unique cycle

Tired of apps guessing for you?

Fertility tracking apps today assume every woman ovulates normally and rely on national averages to make guesses about your ovulation date. Ayda understands that every woman is unique and that ovulation can’t be detected by an app alone. The Ayda wearable listens to your body and tracks changes caused by your hormones and tell you when and if you ovulate each cycle.

Take control

Feel empowered

Stress can disrupt your cycle and make it more difficult to conceive. Ayda alleviates the stress associated with fertility tracking. Relax and let Ayda do the hard work for you..

Accurate, discreet and beautiful - a tracker that fits into your life seamlessly

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, want to demystify an irregular cycle, or just like tracking your data - Ayda is here for you. Let your body speak and forget the stress.